As early as the week skater Alexander Trusov evacuated from Egypt, and the house stays on a strict self-imposed isolation. But judging by the last post of the Russian athletes in the social network “Instagram” quarantine skater ended early: on the video clearly shows that Alexander broke the rules.

 Figure skater Alexander Trusov spends time on the street, breaking self-isolation

 Russian figure skater Alexander Trusov pleased fans and subscribers in “Instagram” next post about your own pastime in quarantine. Due to the pandemic coronavirus people around the world are forced to isolate themselves in their own homes, and all public events, including sporting, have been canceled.

 Note that the athlete with his family a week ago, had been evacuated from Egypt in connection with the aggravation of the situation. In a special article, we will elaborate on the evacuation Trusova from Egypt, as well as the method of maintaining the shape of figure skater on isolation.

 Family athletes returned home a week ago – on 29 March. According to the rules established by the state, the evacuated citizens must remain in strict isolation for two weeks. But it seems Trusov decided to circumvent the strict quarantine rules and went for a walk.

 Trusova showed training on roller skates during quarantine

 – FigureSkatingRu / Figure Skating (@figureskatingRu) April 5, 2020

 The video in the “Instagrame” Sasha obvious that she and the person who takes it, violated the quarantine. The clip was filmed in the park or square, but no more people in the frame to be seen. In the video, Ryazan skater performs Trusova axel on special rollers. Note also that Alexander was without a protective mask.

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 Publication of Sasha Trusova (@avtrusova)

 2020 Apr 5 to 6:38 PDT

 In a separate article we talked about the reaction of the trio Tutberidze coach at the abolition of the World Figure Skating Championships.

 As for fans of Alexander, they have ignored the fact of violation of their idol general rules of quarantine for evacuees. Subscribers admired Axel athletes, recalling that missed it.

 The situation has already commented on the head of the Federation of figure skating in Russia. Alexander Gorshkov sure Alexander understands what needs to stay at home in quarantine. The specialist does not deny that comply with the rules is difficult, especially when you’re an athlete and you need to keep in shape.

 President FFKKR: Trusova knows that must be quarantined

 – FigureSkatingRu / Figure Skating (@figureskatingRu) April 5, 2020

 However, there is a possibility that the video was recorded before traveling Trusova family in Egypt. In this case, Alexander would have removed her any charges.

 Earlier, we wrote about the skaters Tutberidze return from the European Championship, which solemnly met in Russia.

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